15 great resources for download free icons


There are a dizzying number of free download icons available for download from the web – so where do you start? In this feature, we’ve gathered some of the best sites to help track down options that work for you.

The key to iconography is a consistent aesthetic (line weights, proportions, composition, amount of positive vs negative space used, etc) that displays a sense of competence and good decision-making in your design.

Each individual icon needs to communicate clearly but relate to every other icon used on the site or design piece.


In other words, you need to make sure the free icons you download are scalable. While some realistic/illustrative icons are intriguing, they ultimately do not reduce down in size and maintain legibility. But icons that are stripped down to their essence can usually scale well, whether small or large.

Understand what your needs are: the amount of room needed to display the icons, if the background is clean or complex, and so on. That way you’ll be better equipped to find the kind of download icon free you’re looking for more efficiently.

Understand that icons are more about being literal rather than symbolic. And remember that while vectors (AI, EPS, SVG) can be scaled in size and maintain quality, pixel-based images (PNG, JPG, PSD) cannot be enlarged without losing quality.

01. iconmonstr


02. Find Icons

03. iconShock


04. Icon Archive


05. Icon Gallery


06. Iconfinder

Download free icons

07. The Noun Project

Download free icons

08. IconToucan

Download free icons

09. Iconza

Download free icons

10. Minicons

Download free icons

11. Modern Pictograms

Download free icons

12. Fontello

Download free icons

13. Iconic

Download free icons

14. Smashing Magazine

15. Socialico

Download free icons



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